Provided below is the current adult /adolescent clinical guideline packet created by the NC Chapter of the IAFN for membership.  This packet has been reviewed by the NC IAFN and NC BON to provide the best possible recommendations for completion of the required clinical component by NC SANE nurses as outlined by the NC BON.

The NC BON requirement related to SANE Practice can be accessed here: 


This packet may be used as is, or edited to suit your specific jurisdictional requirements.  However, it is important to check the NC BON website for current practice rules and requirements.  The NC IAFN provides these guidelines for informational purposes only and the guidelines are intended for use by North Carolina Forensic Nurses. 

In addition, sample diagrams that can be used for clinical training documentation can be accessed below.

We have also provided an example of a "Transition to Practice" or "Refresher" curriculum for nurses who have moved to North Carolina from out of state or have been out of practice for more than two years. This curriculum would need to be modified by your program and approved by the NC BON to be used for training purposes.

Current NC BON SANE Training Programs can be accessed here: 

Clinical Documentation: 

Diagrams for training:

Transition to Practice Curriculum: