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How to become a SANE in NC

In North Carolina the Board of Nursing dictates what education is required to practice as a SANE in this state. In addition to detailing out educational requirements for individual SANEs, they also approve SANE program trainings. If you are practicing as a SANE or if you plan to practice as a SANE in this state make sure you visit the NCBON website for the most up to date information! 


Classroom training

To become a SANE you must first take one of the three didactic SANE trainings that utilize the IAFN Educational Guidelines and have been approved by the NC BON. For a full list of currently approved SANE trainings, click here.

  1. Pediatric/Adolescent SANE Training (min 40 hours)

  2. Adult/Adolescent SANE Training (min 40 hours)

  3. Combined Pediatric/Adolescent/Adult SANE Training (min 64 hours)

Transition to NC Practice

Classroom training

If you completed a NCBON- approved Didactic SANE training, you do NOT need to take the Transition to NC Practice Course because the NC-specific content is included in the in state didactic trainings. 

  • 8 hour didactic NC Transition to Practice

    • If you are a practicing SANE re-locating to NC 

  • 8 hour didactic NC Transition to Practice 16 hour clinical experiences/training (see below)

    • If you have been out of practice for 2 years or more 

    • If you are a new SANE that took an out of state training, including the IAFN virtual training​


Clinical practice

NCBON requires a minimum of 16 hours of clinical SANE practice to include 3 medical forensic exams with evidence collection and documentation using the NC SAECK. Depending on the volume and resources available in your area, clinical hours will likely be made up of some combination of these two pathways.

  • SANE Clinical Preceptorship- shadow an experienced SANE in real-time for 3 acute exams

  • SANE Clinical Training- utilize one simulation (mannequin) and two mock (live models or gynecological teaching associates) with an experience SANE facilitator

Oversight & Mentorship

Ongoing education

NCBON stipulates that SANEs who complete their clinical practice hour experiences through clinical training (simulation and mock) rather than clinical preceptorship must continue to have oversight for their first 3 acute (real-life) medical forensic exams. We encourage ALL SANEs to establish a mentor relationship with an experienced SANE to provide oversight and feedback on all exams! If you are in need of a mentor, please reach out to to help connect you to someone in your region!

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