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Rape Victims Assistance Program

Under the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) states are NOT allowed to charge rape victims for medical forensic exams and evidence collection. In 2009 NC House Bill 1342, An act to provide free forensic medical examinations for victims of rape and sex offenses, was ratified into lawNC Department of Public Safety now administers the RVAP program. In 2022 NC HB 674 was passed increasing the RVAP reimbursement from $850 to $1500 and increasing the Crime Victim's Compensation programs maximum payout to victims from $30,000 to $45,000.

RVAP Pay out

RVAP reimburses a maximum of $1,500 per medical forensic exam when a sexual assault evidence collection kit is utilized. 

Direct Payments

RVAP pays the institution and/or provider group directly after submission of all necessary paperwork.

Eligible Expenses

$600 SANE/Physician

$500 Hospital/ Facility Fee

$400 Other expenses deemed eligible

$1,500 Total

See list of common CPT codes here

Payment in Full

After reimbursement from RVAP, hospitals and providers cannot bill the patient, personal insurance, Medicaid or Medicare UNLESS there is additional medical work-up unrelated to the medical forensic exam that exceeds what RVAP covers.


The institution and/or provider group has one year from the date of the exam to seek reimbursement.

Crime Victims Compensation

If the patient has expenses outside of what RVAP covers and they decide to make a full report they are eligible to apply for Crime Victims Compensation. They must apply within two years and can receive a maximum of $45,000.


Call the Rape Victim Assistance Program at 1-800-826-6200 (within NC) or (919) 733-7974.

Or, write:
Office of Victim Services
4232 Mail Service Center
Raleigh, North Carolina 27699-4703
fax (919) 715-4209

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